British accountancy firm Ernst & Young, is set to withdraw their degree requirement from criteria for future applicants to the firm.


“Transforming our recruitment policy is intended to create a more even and fair playing field for all candidates, giving every applicant the opportunity to prove their abilities,” Maggie Stilwell, EY’s Managing Partner for Talent.

For many young people that did not get the chance to go to university, this change by one of the world’s leading accountancy firms is a huge opportunity, but what does this mean for other talented young professionals who have worked hard for their degrees who might now might feel hard done by.

Data Center provider, Equinix is set to build and expand 35 different data centers in 2019.

Equinix Data Center.jpg

With an investment of US$ 2 billion set to be made in 2019, Equinix continue to strive to be the group of choice for any company aiming to reach their digital goals.

“Equinix’s data centres and its expanding interconnection platform provide the type of environment that enables companies to accelerate their cloud strategies and execute on digital transformation.” Kelly Morgan, Vice President – Data centre Infrastructure & Services, 451 Research.